In the past, we've seen far too many silos. Not just across compliance areas (e.g., HR, information security, corruption) -- not just across risk areas -- but across DISCIPLINES like governance, risk management, compliance and audit.

These silos result in massive corporate failures.

We believe that the key to a modern approach and a modern career in governance, risk management, compliance, ethics, audit and IT is an understanding of how the other disciplines impact your chosen path.

For example, you need to know the answers to these important questions:

  • how do (how will) internal auditors use my work? 

  • How will our enterprise risk managers see my area? 

  • Are there key regulatory requirements that need to be addressed as I do my job? 

  • How will the board integrate what we do into their strategic decision-making.

This is where GRC will give you a HUGE step up in your career.

As a final note, studying for GRCP and GRCA will help you focus your mind on this understanding so that you can implement solutions.

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