There are several reasons why you might be treated like a FREE member when you actually have (or believe that you have) a PAID subscription.

  1. Two or more email addresses

  2. Your membership expired

  3. Delay in system processing

Two (or more) Email Addresses

Sometimes, our members will sign up with a personal email address and then sign up at some later date with a business email address (or vice versa). In this case, we create TWO accounts because there is really no way to tell if you are the same person or different people ... even by checking first and last name ... even by checking name, title and company.

Please try to log in using another email and see if that fixes the issue.

You can even try other email addresses and have a login link sent via email so that you can login and reset password, etc.

Your Membership Expired

Sometimes, I make purchases of online subscriptions and forget the exact day and duration of the subscription. It is possible that your subscription expired or that you cancelled it in the past. 

Select "My Billing" under the upper right menu 

A paid subscription looks like this:

A canceled subscription looks like this:

If your subscription is cancelled or expired and you didn't intend that to happen, just send along a note and we will get things fixed.

Delay in System Processing

We have a few customer / member systems that process and synchronize end user information. Sometimes, these systems get out of sync...which is frustrating. In this instance, simply send along a note and we will get our tech team on the issue ASAP!

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